Yes, search for CSIR Running Club on Facebook or go to www.facebook.com/groups/9331868497.
At the CSIR Sports & Recreation site – from Meiring Naudé Road, turn into the CSIR South Entrance road (at the NRF building) and drive past the CSIR International Convention Centre to the lapa next to the Sports Bar. This is where club members get together for time trials and other events.
Time trials are held on Tuesdays. In the summer months (September to April) they start at 17:30, and in the winter months (May to August) at 17:15. Time trial routes are available on our website.
There is a lapa and braai area next to the time trial start. Regular club socials are held there after the time trial.
The CSIR Running Club is an open club and anyone can join the club. In other words, it is not restricted to staff of the CSIR.
Membership of the CSIR Running Club includes:
  • ASA (AGN) licence: This saves you the temporary licence fee payable at every ASA sanctioned road-running event.
  • Club membership card: This gives you unhindered access to the CSIR Sports & Recreation Grounds, not only for time-trials, but any time in the week.
  • Social events: The club organises a number of parties during the course of the year, including a New Members Welcome, Comrades Pasta Party, Comrades Aches-and-Pains Party, and the End-of-Year function. The food provided at these parties is free to members.
  • League race refreshments: After every league race, eats and drinks are provided free of charge to all members who take part in the race.
  • Time trial statistics: Our club statistician keeps record of the running times of all members. These are made available, with statistical analysis, from time-to-time.
  • CSIR race help: Our club hosts a 10 and 21km race in October which provides all members an opportunity to help organising and presenting the race. A helper's race and post-race party (with free food and drinks) are held some days afterwards to say thank you.
  • Trophies: At the End-of-Year function (i.e. the club AGM), prizes are awarded for numerous achievements of runners in the club.
Contact Elsa Moller at elsamo@telkomsa.net. She keeps stock in sizes small, medium, up to 3XL. Once you have confirmed that she has your size, pay R260 into the club account, (see registration page) remembering to include your name. She will bring the clothing item to the next time trial. For running shorts and tracksuits, please make enquiries at the time trial.
Club members take turns to cater at league races.
Yes, most definitely! Please contact the vice-chairman Ken Halland (ken.halland@gmail.com) to volunteer.
The gazebo is always available for willing volunteers who want to put it up at non-league races. Catering availability depends on budget availability – please enquire from the vice-chairman Ken Halland (ken.halland@gmail.com).
Yes, most races offer online entry at www.entrytime.com
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